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  1. Expand your audience
  2. Publish in a world class news publication. Collaborate with other journalists and grow your audience.
  3. Increase your expertise
  4. Report on what you know best. News by trustworthy and knowledgeable journalists get promoted and reach a wider audience.
  5. Meritocratic compensation
  6. Reporters earn according to the total number of readers to their stories. Interviews and published multimedia work get paid more.

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Looker News Values in a Nutshell

  • Society should have full access to unbiased and factual information.
  • News must never have a commercial intent. It's all about information, facts and delivering the stories to the people.
  • Looker reporters provide the news the way they see it. We avoid parroting the work of other publications as we're smart enough to find fresh perspectives and provide our audience with more and better news.



What is the Looker News about?

With Looker News you can publish your news and share the information that matters to the public. We're accepting world class and junior journalists alike. If you're just starting out, our system is designed so to allow less experienced journalists to receive extra help and thrive. We're looking for high-achievers able to produce valuable, unbiased, factual and compelling content. Join us taking over the world news.


What should I put in the Earnings Calculator "Unique Readers" field?

Put the number of readers you expect to be visiting your content in a 30 days period.

What are "Unique Readers" and how do they work?

"Unique Readers" are new users who visit your news publications. They must arrive at your report directly, either by search engines or social media sources so to be counted as a "unique reader". Further visits from the same user will not count for a total number of readers of that content.

What is the "Experience - How many news stories have you published elsewhere" about?

Add the number of the work you've already published in a media firm such as digital media and printed news publication.

How will I get paid?

We pay by PayPal (10€ minimum) or bank account transfer. Earnings will keep being credited to your account and be payable 30 days after you've reached the 10€ minimum payment amount.

News Reporting

What should I report about?

You should report on everything that could be news. You should report stories in your area of expertise or where you feel most at ease with. We value local news too.

I'm new to journalism, can I get some pointers?

Focus on facts. Who, what, when, where, who and why. Name your sources. Prefer quoting the source other than saying what they said. Get things right (double check the facts). Think for yourself, don't blindly parrot other publications. Use short sentences and say it in as few words possible. Be positive. The first paragraph is key, make the reader want to look further. Stick to the point (use verbs, instead of adjectives). If you want someone to double check your style, check the "Check out my work" option in your settings page and a senior Journalist might provide you with extra pointers, in case you need them. And last but not least, never forget to keep learning and have fun.

I'm not finding great news material, What should I do?

Chase some exciting news. Can someone give you an inside information that can lead to a good story? What about your neighborhood? Maybe you can start there. What's happening there? Are shops moving away or moving in. Why is that? Get business owners to tell you why that is? Is something wrong with the way things around you are working? What are people saying about it? Is someone excelling at something? Are local public parks clean? Inquire, understand, reveal what's around you so more people can be aware of that. The news possibilities are endless.